Bigg Boss 11, December 5, 2017 Preview: Vikas Gupta turns against Priyank Sharma.

In the latest teasers of Bigg Boss 11, Hiten Tejwani reads out the task for captaincy, for which all the contestants are eligible this time. The task is called 'BB Day Care' during which the garden area will be turned into a children's park and baby day care.
The housemates will have a doll in different prams and the contestants will be assigned one pram each. The contestants are baby-sitters for the doll and have to look after them like babies. The twist is they have to take care of not their own but the competitor's baby. They also have to park the prams in the day care when the baby begins to cry. There is one parking slot for each baby. The baby-sitter who is unable to find a slot will be out of the task.
Hina Khan tells Hiten and Akash Dadlani how she desires to become the captain of the house. Arshi Khan, too, starts to plot and plan but remains firm on being faithful to Shilpa. During the task, Arshi and Vikas have a tiff.
Later, Priyank Sharma requests Luv Tyagi that he wants to be the captain. Vikas Gupta, on the other hand, is annoyed with Priyank Sharma for being aggressive in his desire to become a captain. Luv tries to talk to Vikas and persuades him to let him be the captain, but Vikas tells him it's not in his hands.
Later, Vikas asks Luv what Priyank was talking about. Luv doesn't tell him anything. Vikas suspects Priyank is making a strategy to be the captain this time.

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