This is how PM Modi saved Rs 12600 crores in Rafale deal!!!

Amazed with Modiji and his government, they are working so hard in saving such huge amounts of money. Every loot that happened in 10 years of governance by Congress is reversed and recovered by this government.
Shame on these “Scamgress” people who still have the guts to face Indian citizens, in spite of infinite number of scams by their party since decades. It makes all attempts to throw mud everywhere and intends to stick it on someone’s face but they fail to realize thatit sticks back to their own palms.
Right now we are witnessing a scam in front of our own eyes. Yes I am pointing towards the “Rafale Scam”.
Congress has attempted a sharp and unexplained increase in cost of manufacturing of Rafale jets.According to government sources said UPA was getting 18 fighters for around 100 million each.Whereas, NDA government has saved an approximate amount of Rs 12,600 crore over this deal. The cost now has reduced to 90 million per jet; this has proved to be a commendable job by the NDA team.
The Rafale deal negotiated by the Modi government resulted in a substantial 350 million reduction for 36 aircraft in flyaway condition as compared with terms that were being considered by the UPA and there is a further 1,300 million saving for weapons, maintenance and training.
Firstly, let us know more about this Rafale Aircraft.

What is this Rafale Aircraft?

Rafales are twin-enquire medium multi-Role combat aircraft (MMRCA) manufactured by Dassault Aviation, which is basically a French firm.
Rafale jets are positioned as “omnirole” aircrafts that capable to perform a wide range of combat roles such as air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, ground support, in depth strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deternence.
Congress spokespersons have attempted a sharp and unexplained increase in cost of manufacturing after NDA assumed office which meant the government could only afford to buy 36 aircraft without much-needed transfer of technology. The opposition suggested that cost per aircraft rose from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1,570 crore and said the government was uneasy over sharing data.
However, under the new deal presented, the cost now is around 90 million per fighter.

How important is this deal to India?

India chose Dassault over its traditional partner Russia’s MiG. It also ignored U.S.’ Lockheed, at a time when India and U.S. were aiming for closer ties. Procurement of combat aircraft is long overdue for the Indian Air Force. Further delay can only make things worse. This deal is India’s biggest-ever procurement. In the effectiveness of the Rafale deal, lies the future of other Defence procurements.
The government has also argued that Dassault Aviation was unwilling to take responsibility of quality control of production for the 108 aircraft in India under terms negotiated by UPA. “While Dassault provisioned for 3 crore man hours for production in India, HAL’s (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd) estimate was three times higher, escalating costs manifold,” said a source.
At least now the BJP critics need to release that Congress party is not heading towards any benefit of the nation, instead these “Scamgress” people are never ready to regret and correct their mistakes. And are racing with each other, who does a bigger and dirtier scam!