Sardar Patel’s Scion Lashes out at Congress over Projecting Hardik Patel as Iron Man, Supports P.M. Modi

Indian Democracy witnessing a new low daily due to mudslinging & Appeasement politics by political parties. Adding another feather in this cap, Senior Congress leader shaktisinh Gohil has stoked a controversy with his remarks. he said that the Patidar quota agitation spearhead Hardik Patel has the “DNA of Sardar Patel”.
Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil told media persons that the steadfast and authentic approach of Hardik to take on the ruling BJP in the state showed that he had the “DNA of Sardar Patel”, who could not be broken or suppressed by the British. “Hardik Patel is fighting against the injustices meted out to his community with a steadfastness and authenticity which could not be bought over even by the crores of rupees of (BJP chief) Amit Shah and could not be broken even after he was jailed for months,”. Reacting to a purported sex clip of the Patidar leader which surfaced on the social media. “He has the DNA of Sardar Patel, who could not be bought or broken by the Englishmen. Similarly, the BJP cannot buy or scare Hardik,” Mr. Gohil had said.
But remarks Of Shaktisinh Gohil has not gone down well with the descendants of the country’s Iron Man. Reacting to Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil’s remark that quota agitation leader Hardik Patel has DNA of Sardar Patel, Sameer Patel, great-grandnephew of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel today said,
“My grandfather had done a lot of good work for the country but no Congress leader ever appreciated that. there cannot be any comparison between the Iron Man and Hardik. Sardar Patel worked to unify the nation while Hardik is working to divide it. People should vote for the BJP as Narendra Modi is doing good work and he should be supported. My Great Grandfather never asked anything for my family, in fact, we were strictly ordered to stay away from corridors of power. My aim was to convey that nobody should misuse Sardar’s name. They can continue doing whatever they are doing but should not use Sardar’s name anywhere”