Pradyuman Thakur murder case: Was bus conductor Ashok Kumar FRAMED by his own uncle?

Gurugram: In another twist in the Pradyuman Thakur murder case, the uncle of the arrested bus conductor Ashok Kumar is under the scanner of the CBI for allegedly ‘framing’ Kumar.
Kumar’s uncle OP Chopra was summoned by the CBI after an audio clip of him talking to the juvenile accused’s family has gone viral on social media.
The audio clip allegedly records Chopra striking some sort of a deal with the family of the Class XI student of Ryan International School who was arrested by the CBI.
Times Now spoke with Chopra, who has admitted that he did speak to the family but he didn’t know that they had any connection with the case.
“I didn't know that it is the same family. He is from our village, which is why I asked him about who he is,” Chopra told Times Now. “I had no idea that they are related to it.”
“I can only say this, that the school staff is irresponsible and is to blame. The students in the school drink on the campus,” Chopra added.
The Central Bureau of Investigation meanwhile has not been able to find any concrete evidence against bus conductor Ashok Kumar who was arrested the day Pradyuman was killed.
The CBI submitted the DNA blood sample report in CBI court and said that Kumar’s blood sample does not match with the blood sample of the killer’s blood which was found on Pradyuman’s clothes. The CBI, however, stated that a clean chit cannot be given to any of those implicated in the murder.
The CBI had earlier stated that Ashok did not commit the crime. Kumar was arrested by the Gurugram Police just hours after Pradyuman’s body was found, for the murder and sexual assault of the child. The agency has suffered a setback after the accused teenager is said to have retracted his statement, claiming that he was coerced into claiming that he committed the murder.
The new statement from the class XI student comes as a roadblock in the case, as the CBI has until now held him as the prime suspect. With the new allegations made by the accused teen, the case now plunges into deeper waters.
Pradyuman, a Class 2 student of the school, was found dead with his throat slit by a sharp-edged weapon on the morning of September 08.