Ace footballer Majid Khan quits militancy job and decides to serve his family

Recently, the army welcomed the strong decision taken by the footballer-turned-militant named Majid Khan for resigning the position in Lashkar association and claimed that put any criminal charges against him and will grant him permission to rejoin his family soon to start a basic life with them again.
On the other side, police said, 22-year-old Majid, who belongs to Anantnag town, joined the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Toiba some days back, had neither quit nor was caught but came back on his own.
Speaking at a press conference, general officer commanding of army’s Victor Force, major general BS Raju, said that security forces “only facilitated his return.”
“Majid had strayed from a decent path for a little while and on his own decision to come back after realizing the folly of the path he had chosen. So, we ensured his safe return,” he said.
Raju also praised Majid’s mother for her brave call asking her son to come back home.
Shortly after an image of the footballer operating an AK-47 went viral on the internet, his mother and friends made strong appeals asking him to come back home and serve his family again.
“He (Majid) decided to shun violence and return keeping in view the state of mind of his parents. We will provide him full opportunity to return to the mainstream to pursue his career in academics as well as his sporting talent,” the army commander said.
He confirmed that no charges will be pressed against him. “He will soon join his family and lead a normal life.”
“The youth who have gone astray and have walked a wrong path but are not involved in any criminal act must take the footsteps of Majid and return to the mainstream,” Raju said.
He also said that those protesters who have been “forced into committing any illegal performance can also return within the terms of the law.”
“We will request them to shun violence and return to the mainstream and we will take full care of them,” he said, thanking media for highlighting the message of Majid’s parents.
Asked whether the application of Majid’s mother made the militant organization to grant him to return, Khan said: “It is more of a presumption. You seriously expect good sense to command in Lashkar, an organization that has done mean acts and brought terror, and allows him to return? What are you saying? Don’t talk about Lashkar. They only kill people and then refuse.”
Khan added that Majid returned with a weapon.
To a question about issues Majid might face due to the investigation by security agencies, the Kashmir police chief said: “I assure you. He won’t face any sort of harassment.”
“The rehabilitation of militants who give up arms is very much possible. They are a part of this society and have right to live a dignified life,” he said.
During the press conference, Majid resident of Anantang town was shortly presented in front of the media at the army’s Victor Force headquarters in Awantipora.
“Majid had returned Thursday night at around 10:30 pm to be taken away by the army,” the source said.